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What can we do for you?

  • Register your Marks and Patents
  • Register your Utility Models
  • Register your Industrial Models
  • Register your Industrial Designs
  • Register your Copyrights
  • Deal with transfers, name change, address change, renovation and others
  • Advise you on the current regulations
  • Carry out technological transfers


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Registration of Marks and Patents

We focus on the registration of Marks and Patents in Uruguay as well as in the rest of the world.

We also register other industrial property rights such as Utility Models, Industrial Models and Industrial Designs.

We advise our customers on how to best protect their assets in Intellectual Property.



We advise authors and people or companies which acquire property rights of protected works.

We also advise in the areas of struggle against piracy, against illegal competition, border measures, cessation of the use of trademarks, precautionary measures, among others.

We also provide maintenance services and surveillance of the rights of our customers.

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We have been working for more than twenty-six years with national and foreign companies.

He have obtained the maximum customer satisfaction, which has enabled us to continue in the market and increase our portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding processes, marks registrations, intellectual property, costs and duration and documents to be submitted, write to us from the CONTACT section.